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QED supports numerous types of extensions. One family of extensions involves the concept of folders, which allow distinctive web spaces to be created under the QED umbrella. For example, each folder can have its own logo, navigation menu, and set of rules governing access. See Folder-Based Access Restrictions.

QED also supports:

  • Google Maps and a "point-and-click" Google Maps editor
  • various extensions for embedding Flash animations and video, including Google video — see Help:Video
  • sortable tables — see Help:Tables
  • the Memorize extension for creating interactive flashcard quizzes and memory games
  • a "Category Query" feature that makes it easy to pose queries based on the semantics of the category-subcategory relationship and to create new query forms
  • the <javascript> tag for executing Javascript
  • the <php> tag for executing PHP (currently restricted to protected pages) — see phpinfo for an example


See also Help:Tags for plug-ins that provide special-purpose tags.

File extensions:

  • Many file types can be uploaded to QED, and files of certain types are handled specially. For example:
    • .kmx geographical data files can be uploaded and displayed using Google Earth.
    • .svg files can be uploaded and displayed inline.
    • Uploaded and external .mp3 and .ogg audio files can be played — a test file and information about Template:Audio can be found at Help:Audio.
  • See Help:Video and Help:Upload for further details.

TeX and jsMath:

  • TeX support (the <math> tag) has been installed - see Help:Math.
  • If you have a login, you can view pages that use the <math> tag using jsMath.


  • Jmol supports viewing three-dimensional chemical structures interactively and stereoscopically. See Help:Jmol for details.

"External Data":

  • You can embed data in a QED page from one or more sources by using the External Data extension, which can pull data in from QED pages, uploaded files, or any URL that returns data in one of the recognized formats.

Support for Dublin Core and CIDOC/CRM:

RSS and Atom feeds:

  • RSS and Atom xml.gif feeds, including both generic feeds and specialized feeds, e.g. watchlist feeds and feeds by category. See Help:RSS for further details.

See also QED:Gallery and QED:Templates.

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