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This page lists some talks given by Steve Gubser on string theory and its possible relation to heavy-ion physics.

DNP 2007 talk, 10-13-07

This talk was given at the DNP 2007 conference in Newport News. There's some effort here at accuracy and a reasonable list of references.

Columbia talk, 10-26-07

This talk was given at a meeting, AdS Strings Intersect with Nuclear Beams at Columbia. The notes for it were drawn up rather informally, and they contain no references at all, and also some typos. Here's the list of errata I've noticed:

p. 9, last line

There's a sign error. ξ'(z) is a negative quantity, and πξ is a positive quantity, so an explicit sign needs to be inserted, say right before πξ on the right hand side. This sign error propagated into p. 10, five lines from the bottom, but in the next line it got fixed.

p. 10, four lines from the bottom

ξ(z) is off by a factor of 4. The right hand side of this equation should have started with a factor {i v z_H \over 4} rather than -{v z_H \over i}.

Brown Colloquium, 10-29-07

This colloquium overlaps significantly with my DNP talk but includes some additional introductory material.

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