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Every uploaded file, including image files, has a descriptive page on which applicable copyright and licensing information for that file is specified.

Unless otherwise specified, copyright of material on this website is retained by the author or creator of such material, but the contents are licensed under a Creative Commons "Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives" license with the understanding that:

  1. anyone with editing privileges on this website may make additions, alterations and deletions on this website;
  2. attribution may simply take the form of a reference to QED.

In all cases, however, Princeton University and the QED administrators reserve the right to modify or remove any content from QED or its successors at any time without notice, and are under no obligation to preserve contributions in any manner or form.



On this page, phrases referring to "the material on this website" do not include material on other websites, even if such material may appear to be on this website, as by the mechanism known as transclusion.


For details about the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives license, see [1].

Making Contributions

Your Own Work

Except by prior arrangement with the administrators of this website, you may only contribute your own work to this website if you agree to release it into the public domain or to license it under a Creative Commons license with the two above-enumerated points of understanding.

The Work of Others

Except by prior arrangement with the administrators of this website, you must not upload or otherwise contribute the work of anyone else if it is subject to any copyright or other intellectual property restrictions that require permission to do so.

If you wish to contribute material that is copyrighted by someone besides yourself, then you will need to document that the copyright holder has so agreed and to make all the required annotations, such as copyright, attribution, and licensing notices. If permission from the copyright holder is required, then a written copy of such permission must be furnished to the QED administrators before the copyrighted work is uploaded or otherwise incorporated into this website. To contact the QED administrators, send mail to


Transclusion of the work of someone else may not always be permissible, most obviously if the rights holder has expressly forbidden it. Similarly, if someone has posted a copyrighted image without permission, then transcluding that image (or even creating a hyperlink to it) may violate copyright.

If you nevertheless believe that it is permissible to transclude the work of someone else, you should provide proper attribution, appropriate notices, and an explanation of the basis of your belief.

Princeton University Policies

Princeton University policies apply to QED, including:

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