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There are numerous ways to import content into QED besides "copy and paste" techniques.


Uploading Files

Many types of files may be uploaded — see Help:Upload for details. For text documents, however, it is often preferable to convert the file into one or more QED pages, e.g. so that the text will be indexed for searching by the QED search engine.

Unrestricted HTML Markup

At present, unrestricted HTML markup can be included on a QED page by enclosing it within <html> and </html> tags. However, this functionality may have to be restricted or disabled for security reasons. Use of unrestricted HTML may also make page maintenance more difficult than if restricted HTML and wikimarkup are used. For these reasons, use of MediaWiki markup (a combination of Restricted HTML and wikimarkup) is often preferable.

Restricted HTML Markup

MediaWiki markup includes a large subset of HTML markup.

Conversion from HTML to wiki markup

Two online HTML-to-MediaWiki converters are:

Conversion from Spreadsheets

An online tool supporting "copy-and-paste" conversion from Microsoft Excel to wikitable syntax is here.

To convert a Microsoft Excel (.xls) or other spreadsheet to wiki table format, consider exporting the spreadsheet to CSV format, and then using a CSV-to-wiki conversion service. A website for converting content in CSV format to WikiMedia tables is here. See also Help:Tables.

Conversion from Microsoft Word

OpenOffice (version 2.3 and up) can save Word documents directly to MediaWiki format:

  1. Open the Word document in OpenOffice 2.3.
  2. Go to File / Export.
  3. Under File format choose MediaWiki (.txt).

For other alternatives, see wikipedia:Help:WordToWiki and word macros.

Conversion from PDF

If you have access to Adobe Acrobat, the best bet may be to export to HTML. Selecting, copying and pasting often works as well as exporting to a .txt file.

If you don't have access to Adobe Acrobat, then pdf2wiki provides similar functionality to exporting to a .txt file.

Conversion from Other Wiki Formats

There are many conversion tools. If you require assistance, please send mail to


  • A page-by-page conversion tool written in Perl: [1]

Conversion from other formats

A general strategy for converting other formats to wikimarkup is first to translate to HTML. The result may either be included directly or converted to some combination of wikimarkup and Restricted HTML as described above. As indicated above, there are various programs for converting from HTML to MediaWiki markup.

Many programs allow one to convert a file to HTML format by using a "Save as" feature; an alternative is to use Google mail's ability to convert various formats (including Microsoft Word ".doc" files) to HTML.

Techniques for using QED as a data portal for MySQL databases are under investigation.

Migrating the contents of another wiki

The QED administrators have developed a variety of tools to assist with the migration of the page and file contents of other wikis to QED. The migration from MediaWiki wikis can be almost entirely automated once a suitable environment has been setup on QED. Please send mail to if you have questions about migrating the contents of an academic wiki to QED.

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