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Princeton Wiki pages of Greg Hammett

I teach courses in the Princeton University Program in Plasma Physics, and do research at the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab on fusion energy, and on plasma physics in general, including astrophysical plasmas. See my PPPL work web page, and my personal web page.


(Some of these links require logging in with a Princeton University netid.)

My other wiki pages and research notes::

Smart Kids: A cool trick to add an infinite number of numbers. (September, 2011)

Thoughts on why scientific writing is hard. (May, 2011)

My plug for the free teaching videos from the Khan Academy

Notes on exactly time-reversible algorithms (June 2009)

My Computer and Software Notes

Interesting quotes

Index/Site-map of the pages I've written here under User:Hammett.

How to change your settings for optimal display of mathematics on this wiki server.

You can use LaTeX-style math in wikimedia and get pretty good results. Examples:

Euler's famous equation is eiπ + 1 = 0

Useful i.d.:

   \int_{-\infty}^\infty d x \, e^{-x^2} = \sqrt{\pi} 
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