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NDLC2010: Princeton, NJ, July 14-16, 2010
NDLC2010: Princeton, NJ,
July 14-16, 2010


2010 National Diversity in Libraries Conference

Call for Proposals

The 2010 National Diversity in Libraries Conference, NDLC2010: From Groundwork to Action, will take place from July 14-16, 2010 in Princeton, NJ.

The National Diversity in Libraries Conference (NDLC) is a biennial event that serves as a regional meeting for library staff members and interested parties to discuss diversity issues, especially issues common to the host region's culture.

The 2010 NDLC Planning Committee invites you to submit a proposal for presentation at the conference. Proposal submission details are listed below.

Suggested Topics/Tracks

Conference presentations are sought in all areas of diversity, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Workplace: administration and management; recruitment and retention; leadership; continuing education; mentoring; organizational culture; office environment; budgeting; motivation; staff skill development; cross-training; usability.
  • User services: reference; collections; programming; health education; assessment; instructional design; marketing; collaborations; community spaces/learning spaces; outreach; the Library as a Place; customer service; consumerization; usability.
  • Technology: emerging technologies; technology services; social networking; teaching and learning; innovations; online learning; core competencies; Library 2.0; YouTube; digitization; open source; visual media; web-based collaborative software; learning 2.0, second life; widgets/applications/mashups; virtual libraries/scan on demand.

Presentation Formats

Presentations may take one of the following formats:

  • Individual presentation
  • Poster session
  • Panel session

Submission Guidelines

Proposals which include all of the following will be considered:

  • Name and contact information for principal contact (if more than one person will be presenting);
  • Complete contact information for all speakers: include name, title, employer or affiliation, email address, telephone/fax numbers;
  • Title of proposed program;
  • Program theme;
  • Program format;
  • A brief (100 words or less) description of the program for conference program purposes;
  • A detailed description (up to 500 words) for proposal submission review;
  • At least three learning outcomes (or "take-aways" for poster sessions);
  • Audiovisual/equipment requirements (if any); and
  • Biographical statement of the presenter(s) (up to 50 words per presenter).

Program proposal deadline has passed. Program notifications will be made in December, 2009; Poster session notifications will be made in February, 2010.

Selection Criteria

All proposals will be peer reviewed. The successful proposals will:

  • Identify critical diversity issues that will be treated in the program;
  • Demonstrate how the audience will be engaged in program;
  • Have a high degree of relevance to the projected conference attendees;
  • Contain program content that can be re-purposed for continued discussion after the conference;
  • Be unique and innovative or raise issues that have not yet been widely examined; and
  • Have its foundation in recognized diversity research and/or statistics or presents new research and/or statistics

How to Submit Proposals

The Program proposal deadline has passed. Thank you for your interest in the conference.

NDLC2010 Program Planning Committee

The NDLC 2010 Program Committee members are:
Valerie Bell (Ocean County (NJ) Library)
Elsa Bruguier (Union County College)
Lila Fredenburg (Rutgers University)
Jenna Freedman (Barnard College)
Colleen Major (Columbia University)
Linda Oppenheim (Princeton University)
Liza Scherff-Nesarikar (Princeton University)
Eileen Theodore-Shusta (Ohio University)
Trevor A. Dawes (Princeton University)
Mark Puente (ARL)

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